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(Thanks again to Boingboing)

This is the first I’ve heard of the drawdio – and it is literally amazing. I’m sure people have done this before, the fundamentals of how it works are so incredibly simple: but the insight to put it out there, show some really innovative uses – to insert it into what is now a connected community of people making things worldwide, liberating technology in ways that no peoples soviet could have… The applications are literally endless.

As the creator said in the boingboing comments section,

“…You’re right. The circuit is just a 555 timer in astable mode. I didn’t invent the circuit of course. Only thing I did was strap it onto a pencil and think about it differently.

Imagine all the possibilities for this – from the most industrialized (weaponized even) to the most guerilla. From worker safety applications (if you hear the tone, you’re improperly grounded!) to a forest hooked up with them, becoming a symphony (well, cacophony really) when interacted with by a group. The soundtrack of an artist painting can become part of the artistic document, a soundtrack played in the gallery. Etcetera etcetera.

It is a very simple feedback device, but it gives lines new dimension, and through the fact that human contact can complete a circuit – it can becomes a report of literal human interaction (touching) as well.

I love when low technology means give awe inspiring results. Please comment, what do you think this should be used for?

On the flip side of the tech coin, here’s an extremely complex computer controlled interface that it takes expertise to use, and the results are worth that extra level of complexity. And in a funny bit of synergy, it sort of works in the inverse of Drawdio.

Now imagine ways of combining the two…


Another very important feature here is about making as simply putting something into the world, the “strap it onto a pencil and think about it differently” part – that is something really important we can do today.

Anyone can, and everyone should take the tools already available to us and reuse them, detourn them, recombine them in surprising or unconventional ways that can provide us with information, feedback, and pleasure. Ways that could provide meaningsĀ  juxtaposed against each other to strike contrasts and comparisons we’d have never seen without looking at old “data” and stimuli in new ways.

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  1. I think its super awesome, I’m totally expecting to see this some Christmas here soon.

    You can think that an artist drawing would be nice, what about a learning artist?
    Looking for further training? It creates a tone for pressure of pen stroke. It could make you more conscious of how you draw and the methods of drawing.

    You could even see what a blind person can do with it, it turns a single media into a mixed media.

    Line puzzles that tone true when working on them?
    This concept adds a whole other level to writing and especially when looking to find a fake signature, now your signature will have a sound associated with it. Think of that, current handwriting analysis causes all handwriting to fall into certain parameters of look. Your speed when signing would cause a tone, the pressure, the way you dot your i’s etc. All of it would create a more unique profile.

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