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Concrete Ammonite says so many things that are on all of our minds, as we bide time, wondering where this path leads…

I am crippled as a designer, but not by my tools. I’m crippled by all those years of dungeon-work in that dingy concrete hell of an architecture school…as a lowly drudge-serf intern in some big firm…as a maker of pretty pictures of steel-framed cathedrals to crony neo-Con theo-Con capitalism! I only think in terms of structural-steel-arch roofing systems and reinforced fiberglass pilings…when I should be thinking of other things entirely. Why would anyone wait for the world to end in something like this? Coast Guard-approved fiberglass pilings? I should be specifying the bones of murdered giants! Steel roofing? It should be woven spiderweb stiffened with a generous coating of mummia, the embalming lacquer used on the corpses of dead Pharaohs.

We build up the edifices around us: give us a place to ride out the storm, light by which to see, hands with which to work…

Here’s to anything, and a place to watch it unfold.

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