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Please read the true and heartfelt post from my good friend Moonit over at Pixels and Palabras, about why you should vote No on Proposition 8 in California.

As of right now, gay couples can legally get married in the state of California.  I personally believe that this is fair and just.  I have heard a lot of arguments in favor of proposition 8, but until I hear an argument that has nothing to do with religion or fear of children knowing gay people exist, I will not consider being swayed.  We do not live in a theocracy and I honestly see nothing wrong with children being exposed to a variety of people, cultures, and lifestyles.

I have talked many times in the past about these issues, and I’m quite excitable about Civil Rights issues and the Constitution. But this time around, I’ll stay on the sidelines, just go read Moonit’s post and know all you need to about why love needs to honored and preserved for all people.

On a side note, Proposition Eight is the one thing that makes me really really nervous in this election. It is important that everyone who can vote in California vote to preserve equal rights for all our proud state’s citizens.

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