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I do not post this link because I care more about the Dole / Hagan North Carolina senatorial race more than others, or because I particularly care about what Ed Rollins has to say about it. But he is a long-time Republican Party enforcer; and one who represents true orthodoxy in the Republican Party. Listen carefully to both the tone and the content of this clip.

Many describe the ideological and strategic flailing and backbiting of the Republican Party as a “circular firing squad” at this point, but I think it runs deeper than that.

The tone and wording that Mr. Rollins uses in this appearance are those of someone telling-all about a former associate. And that’s what it is – the “Helms/Dole” people he speaks of were always fellow travelers, people trying to achieve the same things as he was aiming for by other (in this case, more nefarious) means.

This seems to be the tone I am hearing out of a lot of right-wing pundits at this point. The age-old divisions are coming out, the longstanding disagreements have finally caused a rift in the unified front, and the first incisions of the post-mortem are being performed. This will be a very interesting time in the Republican Party, as I have discussed before, it wouldn’t be surprising if the party itself did not survive until the next midterm election.

What do you think? Do you agree that the Republican Party is in the middle of an identity crisis, a possible  dismantling?

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