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Ray Ray McElrathby was a running back at Clemson University. He made headlines a couple years ago when he got very unusual permission from the NCAA to set up a trust and take donations for the support of his 11 year old brother, after he became his brother’s guardian while his mother fought her drug problems.

Imagine being the guardian for a sibling while YOU were in college – I could never have survived. We’ll leave the discussion of why someone with such a big heart and such resourcefulness has to get special permission to support his brother, while the people giving said are taking money from beer companies and turning a blind eye to “legitimized” gambling on their sport.

But here’s the upside of the story. We had previously heard that Mr. McElrathby, who stopped playing football for Clemson last year – to care for his brother and concentrate on academics – was transferring to Howard for academic reasons.

But it turns out that he has one thing to do while still at Clemson – GRADUATE. So I guess he’s not just transferring to Howard, but going there for graduate school? That’s awesome.

And the postscript? It may not be ah high level program like Clemson, but he’s using his two remaining years of eligibility to play football at Howard, too.

Congratulations for the reward for your hard and selfless work, Mr. McElrathby. This amazing dedication will make you successful at whatever you do. And your brother? I don’t know the ins and outs of the situation, but it seems you’ve given HIM a chance at success where previously he might not have had one, as well. You are an inspiration to us all.

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