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I try to ride my bicycle to work and back as often as possible. It’s 11 miles each way. For various reasons, I hadn’t been able to ride in for the last two and a half weeks. But in the time I’ve been riding, my time has come down from a best of 48 minutes, to an average of 48 minutes, then finally an average of 45 minutes… 16 mph across town was the best I could spin.

And no matter what I did, no matter how hard I cranked, there was always something that kept me at 45 minutes. It was uncanny – I’d ride harder than ever before, then I’d run into a succession of red lights I usually don’t have to wait for, or I’d just slowly get pecked away at by a light here, a slow takeoff because of traffic there…

Until today. With some shiny new gear on my bike, and an absolute no-holds-barred determination to get over that performance hump, I got on my bike at the office at 8:03 tonight.
I got off my bike in front of my apartment building, and immediately reached for my official timekeeping device – my cellphone.

It read 8:45.

11 miles in 42 minutes.
I may go back to a more leisurely 45 minutes across town, but for now, I’m over my hump…s…

That’s hot.

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