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This date might lose significance as we proceed. But right now, it’s the baseline. This is the earliest admission at a world-class continental architecture school that I’ve found.

ETH in Zurich, Switzerland has a Spring enrollment which begins accepting applications tomorrow.

The down side is it’s in Zurich, which is sleepy even by Swiss standards. But the program is pretty rockin.’
There’s fun to be had in Cincinnati, and likewise I’m sure there’s fun to be had in Zurich.

The significance of this is the fact that that’s probably the earliest I could get over there on a student visa, without having to resort to any other complexities.

Of course, mid-March brings the possibility of going on a tourist visa, and even though I might have to leave and reenter the country to start a student visa, still getting over sooner rather than later.

Give a shout with other opportunities that you may know of to go to graduate school on the European continent, or England.

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  1. During my semester abroad, we got an after-hours tour of ETH by an architect Mark Angelil. Back in 2001 he was head of first year. before that, I think he and his wife taught at USC.

    Anyway, I remember ETH was pretty cutting edge. There was one studio working on some sort of virtual design environment. It sounded like a cross between myspace and secondlife, but this was back on ’01 before I knew what these things were. Another studio was doing strange generative design, taking various sine waves and such, and turning them into 3D objects. They had these huge tables where a drill bit carved out all the objects from foam. I was very impressed.

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