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I am a gun advocate in concept. Very much so.
In application, guns have absolutely ZERO place in civil society – especially in cities.

“Unfortunately and disappointingly, the Supreme Court opted not to uphold the three-decade-old handgun ban in the District of Columbia,” Mayor Adrian Fenty said.
“More handguns in the District of Columbia will only lead to more handgun violence,” he said. “It is important to both respect the court’s authority and then to act quickly.”

This will be the crime wave of the seventies and eighties all over again, mark my words. These laws are getting dropped into a depressed
economy where people will do extreme things to get by, and they are pushed closer to the edge already.

These laws are being dropped into a country with thousands of vets with nothing to lose, and possibly – undiagnosed mental problems. I am not judging these people, I am stating fact.

It is not just gun ownership that is the problem. In an abstract sense, whenever there is a change in state, the effects tend to take time to find equilibrium. There will be waves of greatly increased gun violence washing over our cities for the next decade until some law tempers it, or the inevitable “gun fever” just simply calms down.

The most important lesson here is that we need a president who will bust-up this hopelessly out-of-touch reactionary court.

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