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The rebate checks from the government were a cheap ploy by the White House (and government in general) to make the second quarter of this year appear to have positive growth.

The falsely inflated second quarter was supposed to be a relent between the first and third, which at the time of the drafting of the legislation, were basically guaranteed to be recessionary. By dividing the recessionary quarters, they could claim that we aren’t in a recession at the time of the election, because the definition is having two straight negative-growth quarters.
This plays into the hands of the party in power.

Granted, the first quarter turned out not to be contractionary, measured by the government’s chosen finicky metric. But like I said, they thought it would be at the time of the legislation.

 has an amazing idea she told me about. Instead of playing the game they want her to and consuming, she is giving a portion of her rebate check to the Obama campaign.
I would do the same, were mine not already paying down credit cards, but join her in turning your bribe money into positive political change!

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