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Hey, what else did I expect?
Had I stepped back and analyzed the recent trends of my life, I should have been able to predict the 100% chance of getting into a bike accident with a car today.

The guy was turning left through the traffic to which I was riding parallel to in the bike lane. He had to stop in the bike lane, rather than going into the drive. I slammed on the brakes and took off most of my speed by the time I bounced off the side of his car. And I do mean bounced, it was almost comical.
His car was unhurt, and I just bent my front wheel, bloodied my nose and busted my lips.
But the bleeding was minor and the wheel got straightened easily. So I’m fine.
No shock, no neck pain, bike is as solid as ever. This shouldn’t be a problem at all.
But I thought I’d share.

Now, my thought lately has been the cliche “but at least I have my health.” I still do.
I find that usually, when bad things happen, they tend to get worse. They tend to pile on top of each other.
But once that next turn of bad luck doesn’t come out as bad as it could have been, things start to look up.

Here’s hoping.

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