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With 93 percent reporting

Clinton 75%
Obama 25%

And you wonder why we all left as soon as we could?

You had the chance to vote for the next Robert Kennedy, for the next Ronald Reagan – someone who was not just very effective at playing politics, but rather someone who changed the very nature of the discussion.

You had the chance to vote for someone who says “yes we can” as one America – no blue states, no red states – not someone who played to your most primitive 3am fears.

Instead, what did you do? You voted against the black man. For the same reason you stay in your isolated, racist community.

My home town is openly racist, they hate black people there. Actively. They hate black people so much that they voted in favor of the previous root of all evil to vote against a black person.
You can see it in their hateful eyes, you can see it on the KKK shirts that were popular at the 2005 Aurora Farmers’ Fair.

Dearborn County, Indiana: you deserve to be left behind as the rest of the world marches toward prosperity in the global economy. You have become so blinded by scapegoating and xenophobia that you have lost the once proud spirit of fine craftsmanship, hard work, and quiet accomplishment that you had for so long.

You are the worst and most bovine of all middle America. You have no positive spirit or sense of accomplishment anymore, and I have never been more ashamed.
Now go back to your oxycontin and methamphetamine and your Wal-Mart job.

Excuse me. I’ll be somewhere else. Doing something with my life. Voting for someone who doesn’t look like me. Holding out hope that as one nation, as one proud and determined people, that yes we can. To whatever lies in front of us.

Yes we can, you just chose not to. Enjoy the consequences.


The Zero of Form

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