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LJ Interests meme results

  1. bill hicks:
    Genius. Never to be eclipsed.
    Comedy can change the world.
  2. conspiracy:
    Not any specific one, the concept itself. The hidden, the man behind the man. Hand in hand with my interest in “latent and manifest structure. Why things are so, and why we think they are so.
    Leads into fertile realms such as the process of belief, taboo and those who break it, secret societies.
    “Nothing is true, everything is permissible.”
    “Nothing is impossible, just highly improbable.”
    Wilhelm Reich, Nikola Tesla, the Grassy Knoll, Eco’s Foucault’s Pendulum, P2, the Flat Earth Theory. Heady, heady stuff.
    Yes, we are being lied to. Or do we just believe that because we need to name our fear?
  3. downtown los angeles:
    45% pavement, if I recall.
    The downtown that will forever thrive in two years.
    The only place in the world you can build a two hundred million dollar skyscraper and it will go unnoticed.
    Downtown is pure mystery and undefined territory, not the center of anything.
    Fight Club was shot all along the fringes of downtown, and it captures the place’s unease and ambivalence.
    Embodies the old concept of the “sublime.”
    The single most expensive piece of property in the world is here. What it is says everything about the world today.
    Go down the rabbit hole, see why HTML is so important. It’s a repository that reconfigures almost every bit of fringeana. You could spend hours there crossing the same path, but the choice is yours whether to take it.
  5. iconoclasm:
    Who knows if the rules are valid if no one breaks them?
    What does the past have to do with today?
    Why be defined by something you did not define?
  6. jorge luis borges:
    The Blind Librarian.
    A jaguar stalking the infinite library that has never existed, and which will exist forever.
  7. mutation:
    mutation mutated muted meted meter metric mystic mystery mastery master mister miser riser risen reason treason treasure pleasure pleasing leasing releasing release relearn relieve believe
  8. regeneration:
    The Infinte Series.
    So we return and begin again.
  9. situationism:
    What is the city?
    What is your city?
    What does the city mean?
    So many questions.
    Find the answers for yourself.
  10. turbonegro:
    High powered rock and roll band / High art joke.

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