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Remember the part of Borat where the fratboys make jackasses of themselves? Where they say hateful and despicable things?
Well, it seems from now on you’ll only be remembering it. Because a judge ordered Sascha Baron Cohen to cut it from the movie.
Score: Assholes 1 – First Amendment 0.
Man, if there were only a way to make those guys bear some kind of scarlet letter, stand as an example to bigots everywhere. The movie did that. Damn.

Also, listening to the President’s press conference this morning it occured to me. If a president EVER uses the phase “How Come” in public, they should be outta the “President Club.”

Gee, thanks for representing America so well, sir. That’s insult to injury, first you go fucking up the planet and fucking up your own country, and then you don’t even have the decency be erudite about it.


Update 12.14.2006 – In a surprise turn, the score from the Assholes v. First Amendment competition has swung back to Assholes 0 – First Amendment 1, as a judge has now overturned their suit. Thought I’d clarify.

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