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…Almost Killed Me.

And I think the guys making the documentary about the band unfortunately documented the shit out of me making a complete fool of myself. With pride.

Foolishness that included about ten or fifteen of us (by this point it was just a bunch of people touching people who they don’t even know, yo) being pulled onto the stage and dancing and screaming along to Killer Parties. This is after Tad gave his guitar to someone in the crowd to play.

That Turbonegro show I won’t shut up about really is one of those moments where Rock and Roll means something. And I can’t tell you which show was better, that one or this.

The first opener, Black Fur, were a junkie-hot circa 1991 Hole – with talent, and more balls. I think they probably got some interest out of somebody considering how many people there looked like industry fucks.

The second opener was the Sean-na-na’s, and they were okay. Sean seemed smug and uptight, maybe just nervous. Paddy from Dillinger Four was on bass; I had spotted him outside before the show and chatted. Then, ecstatic, I messaged Daniel that I had seen him; and Daniel asked for an autograph.

Judging from his stunned and amazed response, I think I might have been the first person ever to ask Paddy Costello for an autograph. Hell Yeah. I never got to buy him that beer, though.

(endnote: I’m very proud of myself for being the third person into the office today. I was home by one in the morning, but I was so keyed up that I couldn’t get to bed until probably after three…)

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