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This interviewer is a dick. Sully Erna writes shitty music, and the military loves licensing it because it plays well with their target market. They pay him money and use his songs. End of Fucking Story.
Don’t badger and cajole him. Last I checked, there are still people making millions off of tobacco, guns, oil, pesticides, and animal testing. There are much bigger problems.

The only reason you target him is because he was nice nice enough to talk to your moronically self-important drug rag.
Is that part of the Hippie Code on how to treat people who are nice to you? “Thou shalt be unkind to those kind to you, man.”
I’m sure he didn’t ask to talk to you, why’d you ask for his time and use it as a stupid excuse for personal insult?

This really bugs me. I don’t know why, but it does. Read the interview and tell me what you think.

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