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The LA firm interested in me told me basically but in less commital words that if I were there already, the job would be mine; and to call them when I get there… My contact said he loved my work…

Smart of them, to not start playing me up too much and commiting to anything without actually seeing me. Now I want to go. Just go. But that’s an impluse. I need to plan. I should wallpaper the city from afar with my resume, take say the second or third week of August, suck it up, make the two day Greyhound trip ($250 difference between that and air), and try to go through them like speed dating…

Much planning to be done… And moving… taking my stuff to my parents’ house because my lease is up in six days. I can’t believe I have so much shit. It’s astounding really. I don’t even like stuff. But indeed, I somehow have a whole lot of it.

And the 400 magazine collection is in some ways the worst of it. But I don’t regret that one at all, unlike all the random unidentifiable stuff that somehow gets slung around all our necks to drag from place to place through our lives. So the magazines, “stuffise,” for the money (free) are one of the better pickups I’ve had. That and the Starck chairs I got for $5 each.
Hmm… the Starck chairs I’m not in love with. Now that I think of those, I’m smelling a way to pay for the LA trip…

Wish me luck, there’s always way too much to do…

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