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Wow, can’t believe it’s been so long since my last missive…

Our internets were down from last Thursday morning. The Cincy Bell tech came to fix the phone lines after Wednesday night’s monsoon and crossed the wires (whatever you do, don’t cross the streams!) until yesterday afternoon. And wouldn’t you know it, I had just worked up to a good post about recent events.

I went through a horrible bout of depression as the Townhouse On Steroids progressed with no end in sight, but lo! last Tuesday the tumblers to that lock finally started falling in place. Not great, but done, dammit! done,done, doney done done! I finally got that albatross from around my neck.

Last Friday, I met a big fish in the small pond of the Cincy music scene at Jacobs… I could tell she wasn’t enjoying herself, so to make it worse, I struck up conversation. We went out again last night… umm… yeah… Wow. This girl is astounding. And – AND she is a hell of a pool player…

But for work, it’s time to get back to The House that Ate Mount Adams. I’ll be lucky if I get through this one alive.

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