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I can’t believe I never mentioned it, having already made reference to the Hold Steady… But the newest album is astoundingly good. Sorry, been rocking out to it while I’ve made god knows how many of these posts. But if you haven’t checked it out yet; and I know you haven’t, ’cause you were waiting for my recommendation, please do… So support your local independent music store (even if they never called you back about that album you ordered two months ago) and purchase The Hold Steady’s Separation Sunday. And hell, make it a twofer and buy The Hold Steady Almost Killed Me as well.

And obviously, if I’m remiss for not mentioning The Hold Steady, I am certainly long overdue in exhorting everyone – pleading for you to check out the lead singer’s previous band, Lifter Puller. These guys were quite possibly the most underappreciatedly astounding thing going on in rock and roll before their fiery burnout…

Take this, grasshopper; may it serve you well.

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