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For some reason, everything feels like Deja-Vu these days. Maybe a ripple in the matrix, maybe I’ve lived this all before like Sisyphus, or maybe I’m about to die, and that’s why this stuff imprinted me from the future.

Our dear JT will be leaving us soon, and this week should accordingly be rather eventful. We have a full slate of social activities planned for him, which hopefully even he’ll be able to make…

A the Badass Bass-Player’s ex-boyfriend doesn’t like me very much – in the “wants to kick my ass” sense. I’ve seen the guy. He sure could try. Try. What’s the deal with that? I don’t know how many of her recitals I’ll be able to make in light of my pacifism. Apparently, he only knows me as “seat-belt boy” though, which would be the only example of one of the horrible nicknames people invariably give me working out to my advantage.

There’s a piece on The Hold Steady and The Mountain Goats in the fucking New Yorker. Funny enough, it was a great review of a Lifter Puller album (that being the lead singer of the Hold Steady’s old band) that got me into them, and that review was by none other than John Darnielle, the only permanent Mountain Goat…

Stay tuned for more developments in the personal and office worlds…

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