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The oft mentioned WOXY 97x has just launched an all-vintage channel at their website, and kicking it off, they’re reviving the ages-old (to those of us lucky enough to be in their listening range back when they were on radio) start of summer, the Modern Rock 500 – a monumental countdown of their favorite modern rock songs of all time. And somewhere around lap 460 or so, they played the Specials AKA’s Free Nelson Mandela, which reminded me of an apocryphal story I heard years ago on 97x about how they once played a super-extended version during a concert. So that their drummer could use the bathroom…

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    • That which is not the inferno
    • Posted May 31, 2005 at 6:31 pm
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    Never realized how much of an emo-ass knockoff of the Clash’s Hitsville UK the Arcade Fire song Wake Up is

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