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//begin: (Paracelsus, via (or according to) Borges upon alchemy and the Sorcerer’s Stone.)

“Every Step you Take
Is the Goal You Seek”

//continue: (1-900-4-JANINE)

The Jersey Girl excites and confounds me, and I see in her typical Virgan drive the ambition I am looking for, the understanding that makes the above possible. I don’t truly know what I mean to her – but I know what she means to me. And that’s a scarily big thing. Scary enough that I am glad she’s gone in a month, and I’m gone a month and a half after that.

//further: (All Over Creation)

Friend and his new girlfriend coming into town tonight, don’t know what to expect of her. Heard she’s crazy. They’re road tripping from Boston to Oakland, and it’ll be absolutely amazing to see Ian again. We’ll see how this all plays out.

//conclusion: (May You Live in Historic Times)

At least things are happening in my life, at least it’s feeling significant. That’s all I ask. Updates to come.

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