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I did the model of this project waaay back in the summer of ’01, and helped to put together the portfolio for the PA Awards that we were submitting if for… And now it’s Architectural Record’s House of the Month! Can you believe that shit. Of course, wouldn’t you know that no pictures of my (beautiful) model are here, but still. How cool is that?

All those crazy rafters, yeah… I built those to scale.
The whole thing was demountable, too.
The roof plane came off of the rafters which came off the walls.
The edges of the window walls that slid out were countersunk into the walls and floor, so they were flush like in real life.
The little volumes of the baths, bed surrounding cabinets, kitchen and island all came out so you could view the parti.
And the walls themselves actually demounted from the plane that makes up the whole built site, with the garden and retaining walls in back so you could see how exactly on one plane the whole building sits.
But the coup de grace was the site itself. Sure, it took entirely too much time – a line I really need to figure out how to stop having to say. But it was absolutely beautiful. It was a stretched grid of foamcore (with sealed edges so it looks monolithic) that followed the very extreme topography from the top of the hill to the bottom of the drive, with a street that even came off.

I was really proud of the model it at the time, and really proud that I got to work with such great people. And I’m proud of Austin and Monika for getting such recognition for it, ’cause it is a neat little (and I mean, little) project that was done pretty damn lovingly, and I was happy that I was able to put such love back.

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