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In the spirit of today’s government sponsored National Day of Prayer, let’s fulfill our patriotic duty.

Dear God,
Please give our leaders the strength to address the many issues that such great men face on a daily basis – please help them to overcome their cowardice and face the Ethics Committee instead of hiding behind their power. Please help them to understand the differences between church and state, and why combining the two in occasions such as an officially sanctioned pseudo-holiday is a gross violation of this bastion of Traditional American Values.
Please, we implore you great Lord, to help the people of Kansas to see the folly in doing the same with the education of the youth of their state instead by “teaching” reason through the use of a folk-tale written before reason was discovered. Why teach how science works if the answer is “magic;” oh Lord?
Please help our leaders to see the real threats in this world, such as a rogue state with no oil who definitely has a nuclear weapon and resist the temptation of bullying a rogue state with lots of oil because of the rumour of a suspicion that they may have some kind of weapon, we think…
And most of all, oh God, please help those of us who do not make others live by our dogma to survive the next three and a half years under the rule of those who think that everyone should believe as they do.

We pray this in your Judeo-Christian and wholly American name,


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