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Billy Bragg and Wilco’s “California Stars” on the radio. fuck. That song always makes me melancholy when I’m here in the midwest. Especially because it doesn’t just remind me of the place, but of someone I miss even more. The constant parade of great LA job openings on Archinect doesn’t make it any easier, either.
Got stuck in traffic behind a tractor on the way to work Friday. That would be nothing if I still lived out in Indiana – but this was on Reading Road in the middle of the city. It must have been a blessing from Chaos, though, ’cause when I got up by the office, the spot right in front was mine for the taking – “Rockstar Parking” we call that.
Went to Louisville Friday night for a friend’s fundraising banquet. It was awesome, and to cap the night, I also won a game of Monopoly against my hostess and her girlfriend, who’s apparently a champ at it…
Had a wine and cheese get together with a friend last night, and that was really fun as well. But now, back to the grind. Damn existing condition drawings.

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    • That which is not the inferno
    • Posted April 11, 2005 at 5:22 pm
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    And to make it worse, for some sadistic reason, 97x is playing Wax’s “California” right now… Signs are dropping out of the ether onto my head.

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