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Allegiances change sometimes.

I’ve got the Baltimore / Pittsburg game on while I clean. Usually I sorta like the Ravens, even though they’re the Bengals biggest competetion in the AFC North (aka the bush league of pro football) ’cause I’ve always been a huge fan of the old Baltimore Defensive Coordinator Marvin Lewis – now the Bengals head coach, and of the Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis, the best defender in the league and its most passionate player. But Ben Roethlisberger – fresh outta Miami (yes, the real Miami, not that fool ass Florida school) just came in for the injured Steelers starting QB. He’s getting his shot, and I hope he can make a mark. So now I’m rooting for Pittsburg in this game.

Roethlisberger just threw a touchdown! Congrats Big Ben, I hope you are one of the best someday. Go Steelers – for today.

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