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Gotta get a project. Something to focus me, I feel like I’m losing my edge. Possibilities:

Music for Angry Architects: experimental covers of rock / rap songs in the vein the simultaneously cliched and fresh genre I call “music for architects” – acid jazz, ambient, trip hop, anything with the name “eno” on it, math rock, talking heads / strokes / modern lovers style mechanistic rock, etc. might be fun, but I’d have to relearn sound forge, acid, and fruity loops.

a competition: Chad from work needs stuff for portfolio, as well, and it’d be good to get a mental workout, get what I’ve been missing from school.

(in the process of writing this, btw, I’ve been petting our cat Oskar, and he’s birthed a little furry cat – well, at least she enough hair to cover one…)

any other suggestions? I hate activism and religion, so those are out, a zine would be cool, but I’m a little old for that; my camera’s on loan, and I don’t have a darkroom, the house needs organized, but that’s not that creative – I’ll probably do that anyway. Let me know if you’ve got any ideas.

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