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I’m only half way through, but Douglas Coupland’s Girlfriend in a Coma is amazing.

And under the Urban Exploration folder, I spent two days last week taking measurements on this creepy old housing complex.

It’s amazing the difference good housekeeping makes when everyone’s moved out and a place has stood vacant for a year. In the well kept units, it looked like they had just moved out yesterday, the only difference being the stale air – but in the bad ones, it was hellish, the smell of poverty (dust, bacon grease, rotting food, and moldy carpet) gets lodged in your lungs and won’t come out.

Wish I could share the pictures with people, but this was for work, and I’ve got confidentiality agreements and such… I even went far enough to delete the name of the neighborhood in this post, just to not reveal too much. Maybe a little neurotic, but I don’t wanna fuck up at work.

Yeah, the place was hella creepy, especially the basement unit we didn’t expect to be there that wasn’t cleared out at all, making me think (probably incorrectly) that we had a squatter. The basement (with no windows – except the boarded up ones in the apt down there) was super creepy, until I realized we were idiots and found the light switch. And there was a unit that burned out – I figure that’s why the place was vacated.

Then after having been in every unit of the place, I found out through google that an old lady had been found murderered in her apartment their a couple years ago. Cue return of the previously banished heebie jeebies.

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