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Oh my fucking God, the Cincinnati Public Library is my new favorite thing ever. Amazing beyond words. Who thought that they’d be evolving here in the middle. But that library saves a little face for this city.

Still don’t have a phone line at the new place. Been too busy during the day to set that up, and I figure it’s too late today. so I’m sorta outta range of calling. but I love the damn place. it’s really great… except the landlord still needs to fix some welds on the spiral stair… not a good thing.

Otherwise, enjoying living with the cats, being back in city noise, (and lack of TV, but Sarah, you didn’t read that…) and having an extra hour and a half every day rather than driving my life away. And work, as lame as it may be oftentimes, is still rocking me.

update on phone number to be imminent.

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