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So here’s the goings-on. haven’t LJ’d or been online a lot lately, due to the fact that I’ve been getting up godawfully early for work. It’s been awesome (I drove a tug for the first time today – and tomorrow I learn to fuel a jet and push it back from the gate) and it’s also gonna be a good first paycheck on Friday – and not a moment too soon. Working ramp is awesome, and the people there are pretty rad as well. I got the training shift I wanted – daytime. That way I can make class no prob until the wednesday before thanksgiving – but my actual first working week starts thanksgiving day… fun, fun. At least I’m working Second Shift… So the rest of my semester should go pretty hitchless (crosses fingers) and work should be manageable. 30 hours a week. Yeah, that’s about it. I’ll have time to do shit and be creative again after I settle into my shift (crosses fingers). And otherwise, I’m trying to get on a regular schedule and work adequately on six hours of sleep a night – that’s been going well thus far…
So everyone drop me a line – Jah Love and I miss the shit outta y’all – but it’s fuckin’ bedtime.

rock ass.

p.s. Sarah, you make me smile.

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