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anyway, heard a Kennedy song last night. ON A VIRGIN MOBILE COMMERCIAL. crazy. you know, that “wake up motherfucker wake up” song.

why hasn’t our military found bin laden or hussein yet? guess it’s always good to have a bogeyman, right?

the midwest is craaaazy. I’ve been listening to talk radio to wake up lately. of course, it’s bad to wake up pissed. but it works. I hate this country. I hate the closed minded and willfully ignorant mentality, the consensus reality, the inability to admit that people they don’t like have the same rights that they do. greed is killing democracy in this country, and the rich and white have an entitlement mentality that has led to a rising intolerance to those who are not part of the “majority” in any way. er, hegemony, that is. our politics and our leaders and our lack of care for the rest of the world kills me. it was a round world last time I checked.

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