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Two excerpts from an MSN / Newsweek article. ( )

“The toppling of Saddam Hussein’s statue was every bit as symbolic as the gleeful destruction of the Berlin Wall, something that Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld was quick to point out.”

and then the reporter, Andrew Nagorski chimes in with

“I’m certainly aware that these analogies shouldn’t be pushed too far. The regimes of the old Soviet empire collapsed under very different circumstances and for very different reasons. And Iraq obviously doesn’t have an already free, prosperous other half to reunite with as Germany did and, in a more limited sense, all Eastern Europeans do as they have become progressively more integrated with the rest of Europe.”

The level of propaganda and condescention in this article horrifies me so much that my commentary is reduced to the level of “how do they expect people to take this shit with a straight face?!?!?” so my further notes are going to be a comment appended to this thread.

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