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oh, right. I remember.
1. I try to ignore politics as much as I can, usually.
But if there were one time in my life to be politically aware and vocal, this would be it.
2. While up at Evergreen, I realized that politics is nothing more than the way you treat other people. And if the way the rulers of our country are treating the people of Iraq, the SOVEREIGN government of Iraq and the people of America and our RIGHTS like this, then they must not give a shit about about any of us, and are only profiteering off the suffering of the people of Iraq and America.
3. My constant abhorrence of politics has always steeped in the fact that I was raised in a highly politically aware environment, as my father follows politics like most men follow sports. The hopeless state of things made me very cynical to politics. So try to run from them and just live honorably, I have, but every once in a while I have to fall back into it. It’s like going home.

In other news, next year, as much as the thought horrifies me, I am registering Democrat.
And here’s why everyone else who doesn’t like Mr. Bush should.
The Democratic party sucks. true.
I’ve not liked them as a party for as long as I’ve known what the hell they were.
Still don’t. They’re in bed with the people killing our world and damning us to lives of servitude, too.
But you and I know that the only candidate who will have a chance against Mr. Bush will be a Democrat.
So it is in our best interests to pick the best Democratic candidate for the job (or, as modern politics go, “least worst” candidate) in the primaries.
For example, I couldn’t live with myself if I had to vote for Richard Gephardt or Joseph Lieberman in the main election.
So we gotta do our part to choose someone who we can bear to have as president for four plus years…
And it’s sure as not hell gonna be Bush.
So as a longer term goal, of course we have to nurture a new party into prominence. There hasn’t been a new party who’s been viable on a national level since the Republicans originated in the 1850’s.
It’s time for change. But we’ve got more pressing issues to take care of in next year’s election.
That’s why you should register and vote Democratic (at least for president) next year.

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