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“CHARLIE ROSE: Certain questions I want to raise. What I would love to hear you from and what I am hearing is a sense of how you sit there at that microphone and hear this protest against the war and exactly how you see it and what distinctions do the people make. Clearly there is no one who is protesting this war who looks with favor upon Saddam Hussein because he has done violence and has killed men women and children in atrocious means, correct, so everybody is opposed to Saddam Hussein?

AMY GOODMAN: Unfortunately not everyone. Ask Donald Rumsfeld. He should be asked this question. We have the defense secretary who in 1983 and in 1984 went to Baghdad, shook hands with Saddam Hussein, at a time when both the State Department and United Nations had come out with reports saying he had used chemical weapons against Iranian soldiers there was Donald Rumsfeld as Pres. Reagan’s envoy there, sent there to normalize relations with Saddam Hussein. So I think he needs to be asked why he served as the point man to normalize relations to allow for U.S. companies to sell all sorts of support to Saddam Hussein. We have to look at that history and understand how Saddam Hussein was shored up – this dictator – all of these years.”

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