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just got in an hour ago from parts north. drive down went perfectly. eighteen and a half hours straight from oly.

except my cell service has been disconnected for nonpayment…


but the trip was great, and I’m looking forward to patching my life back together from the shambles I left it in (for example, the long unpaid cell bill) for a week.

so for the time being, only method of contact is

I am an idiot. and broke (yes, barb, I spent even the money you sent, and it all went to necessary stuff: food, gas, and the experience music project…) flat fucking broke.

In other news, in the “doing something about it” category’s opposition to the “sitting around and talking about how screwed up everything is” category – and also under the subheading of “things that will relieve student loans,” I think after I finish my bachelors, (in two months – TWO MONTHS… well really in five, but either way…)
I’m gonna join the Peace Corps.



research to follow after I sleep.

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