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Okay, thought’s been brewing up in my mind lately.
now you know what was smelling like smoke.

I hate major music labels. Have since I was fourteen and figured out the difference between the majors and indie labels. hate them, hate the RIAA. They’ve tried their best to kill music.

Now they’re on their fucking knees –

let’s kill them.
I don’t have the stuff for it; website, the time to make and maintain a website, time to spearhead the boycott, etc. but I’ve got the dream.

Let’s boycott – actively boycott – the major labels and the bands on them. Granted, there’s a lot of good music on the majors, I just bought Neil Young’s amazing collection Decade a week ago; but it’s time for them to go.

if you have any albums by bands on major labels, don’t listen to them. If you wanna buy an album, check out the label they’re on and make sure it’s not a major or owned by a major or even distributed by a major.

Don’t burn albums from indie label bands, give them the money they deserve.

Don’t go to concerts of bands on major labels, don’t accept free promotional materials of bands on majors. Turn off the fucking MTV. Cancel your rolling stone subscription. Don’t watch the stupid grammys. Let’s let them know how we feel about making music into “product” – selling it like laundry detergent. Let’s ignore them like they ignore the listener.

I’m off my soapbox now. burn them the hell down, and have a nice day.

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