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Okee, ‘SC beat UCLA.
We’re 7th in the country.
We play (#8) Notre Dame next week.
UCLA plays the #3 team Wash. State.
We haven’t beaten ND and UCLA in the same year in twenty years…
If we beat ND, and we’re in a major bowl.
UCLA beats Washington State, (and we beat ND) we’re division champs, and in the Rose Bowl.
I think most people here think more highly of that than whatever the random championship of the year is – be it the Heinrich Bowl or the Midnite Bowl or the Toilet Bowl or whatever. So needless to say, next Saturday will be an interesting football day.

I don’t even really care about football, let alone amateur football, or for that matter this school, and correspondingly even less about this school’s amateur football.

But dammit, after two years of giving a shit about them, then two years of wishing them well even though I wasn’t a fan; and all that time them being wretched, I’d at least like for them to win something before I get out of here…

Main attraction of all this is that it’ll be great if they do really well the year AFTER my old roommate graduated, because he was so goddamn into them, and they never did anything right when he was here.

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