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ahem, ahem.

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Yesterday I was a mere one of five – sharing an artists’ loft in downtown with four other architecture students. But that is all behind me. Today I address you all as a “proud” resident of 22nd street – which is the sign of my return to the bitter and enveloping flank of the University, from whence I have strayed for the last three and a half months. I am also, in my newly found liberty, a leasing tenant of an apartment in which I have my own wonderful and spacious room. Thuswise, in commemoration of this momentous occasion, I am announcing the celebration of a new period of festival, which will last for the rest of the entirety of this school semester. “Operation Get Duane Laid” will be a multi-faceted operation on many fronts, familiar and foreign, and is fairly well explained by the title. In other news, I need to do some work for studio. so go away.

And someone please call me and tell me what are the proverbial “happenings” on the SCene tonight. Between 2 pm and 6 pm, you will have to leave a message, due to my participation in a learning forum known as “class” – but beforehand or afterward, I am all ears. So, my friends, quite the development. sure, it’s one bedroom in a shitty one bedroom next to the freeway for $365 a month, and not a beautiful and spacious one bedroom in a two bedroom in silver lake for $340/mo, but it is an occasion, nonetheless. Rejoicing can now commenece.

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