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The midwest has been very calm, comforting, mentally productive, and storied. This has been one of my most needed and soothing breaks ever, and I think that is largely due to the fact that I haven’t felt the need to run all over four states; but rather kept myself to a couple little circles, between here and cincy, and here and louisville. Sure, there are many people who I’d have liked to have seen:

Shay (probably still in OK city – if not, still 4 hours away)
Julie (lafayette, maybe I can orchestrate a trip there…)
Dan May (same as Julie)
Anke (same again)
Anna A. (parts unknown – haven’t seen her in four (?) years, just been wondering how she is a lot)
Betsy F. (same as anna)
Sarah’s Mom (think I’ll call her)
Jaime C. (I know where she is, but I have no justification for calling her – we weren’t that close)
Jess (Missed her when she was in Cincy)
Jaime R. (Haven’t even made it to Indy)
Blair (parts unknown)
Teo Mental (Lafayette, I think…)
The list continues…

But I did at least see Kisha (many wonderful times), Sarah (coffeeshops and dvds), and the Retread boys – and they rocked the fucking house in L-ville.
Missed Black Cat Music, but they’re from the Bay, so hopefully I’ll have another chance soon.
Oh, y’all gotta check out The Streets: album’s an import right now, but it comes out domestically in October – and it rocks. I burned my dad’s copy. Great limeywhiteboy hip hop. Pure goodness.
Have thought of many great new ideas for beats and arrangements – crazy, more “the art of the process” stuff.
Saw Amelie again – god, that movie is so wonderful. I want an amelie, too.
Saw Render, the Ani DVD – three hours, outta five stars I’d give it 3 1/2. Not Bad, but not something you should run out and buy. Still worth it.
Read The HitchHiker’s Guide 6 part trilogy – still fucking brilliant.
Read “Violet & Claire” by Francesca Lia Block – Just like “weetzie bat” it’s pretty awesome.
Reading (30 pgs left) “The Name of the Rose” – Fucking righteous.
So, that’s it for now. I’ll try to post some more before I leave, but if not, back in lalaland on Saturday, and I’m bummed there’s no goddamn show. Thanks, guys.
And when I get back, awwwwww shit! It’s goin’ down. Lookin’ like I’ll be livin’ with Scott Payne, and our place will be insane. Scott Payne. Insane. Scott Payne. Ins… – oh, right. later.

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