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So this morning before taking a shower, I left the pair of socks I was gonna put on in the bathroom while getting a cup of coffee. The cat was in there rolling around on my jeans and looking rather happy. When I come back with a cup, the cat has my paired up socks in its mouth and won’t let me have them. Every time I get close to it, it hisses. I finally grab ahold of the socks, and the cat won’t let go. To try to get it off, I pick it up off the ground by the socks, and it continues hanging on and hissing as best it can. I decide that if I put it down, maybe it’ll let go of my socks and I can grab them. No such luck, it just goes trotting through the apartment with my socks. I chase it a whole lap of the place and then just say fuck it and take my shower.

First thing I see when I get out of the bathroom is the socks – unpaired, but lying right next to each other outside the door. damn stupid cat. what was the point of all that. damn stupid human. if there wasn’t a point, why did I play its game?

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