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In 1967 the fully revised French version of The Society of the Spectacle was published, with the following. In 1968 there were student riots fomented in part by the ideas of this book.

Thesis 115
“Signs of a new and growing tendency toward negation proliferate in the more economically advanced countries. The spectacular system reacts to these signs with incomprehension or attempts to misrepresent them, but they are sufficient proof that a new period has begin. After the failure of the working class’s first subversive assault on capitalism, we are now witness to the failure of capitalist abundance. On one hand, we see anti-union struggles of western workers that have to be repressed (and repressed primarily by the unions themselves); at the same time rebellious tendencies among the young generate a protest that is still tentative and amorphous, yet already clearly embodies a rejection ot the specialized sphere of the old politics, as well as of art and everyday life. These are two sides of the same coin, both signalling a new spontaneous struggle emerging under the sign of criminality, both portents of a second proletarian onslaught on class society. When the enfants perdus of this as-yet immobile horde enter once again upon the battlefield, which has changed yet stayed the same, a new General Ludd will be at their head – leading them this time in an onslaught on the machinery of permitted consumption.”

(Guy DeBord. The Society of the Spectacle. Trans. by Donald Nicholson-Smith. Thesis 115. Page 85-6. Zone Books. New York. Originally published in France as La Societe du Spectacle in 1967 by Buchet-Chastel.)

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