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some stupid label whore put a gucci screensaver on this computer. hey, at least now it’s stylish when no one’s around.

When you’re trying to read multiple books at once, it’s always something that you haven’t cracked in months that you wind up reading for hours. I got through 3/4 of Borges’s collected fictions a while ago, and then just moved on to other things. Tonight, totally unexpectedly I picked it back up and geeked out on his brilliance for two hours.

I’ve decided a few things
Norse Mythology = cool. I need to read more.
I need another tattoo.
and most importantly-
work exile is beginning. Shit’s due Aug. 7.

so I love you all, but I probably won’t see a lot of you in person until the beginning of the school year, unless you’re back Indianaway, and I’ll see you in three and a half weeks…

On that note, my parents can’t find any cheap airline tickets, so it looks like I’ll be driving back to stay for only two and a half weeks. Of people that are close to LA, does anyone wanna drive back w/ me? good vacation. visit the midwest, expand your horizons.
It’ll be cheap. If we keep focused, it’s two 16 hour days drive, about $170 in gas each way, $25 or 30 each for food, etc, and about $50 for a hotel room. Or if someone know someone in denver or amarillo or thereabouts, that’d be covered.
so $250 round trip for each person, cheaper ($170 round trip for three) if there are more, or it’d be $225 ($140 ea. for 3) or so if we don’t have to stay in a hotel. My parents are wonderful and lovely and will feed you well and be a lot of fun…

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