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Listened to the first Rancid album for the first time in a while, and you know what I realized?

They’re pretty fuckin’ silly. I mean, their lyrics aren’t very smart, and they fall into the trap of all those old ’77 punker cliches and the whole blue collar working class silliness, without any REAL discourse about class issues or anything much deeper at all. I’m not doubting their revolutionary cred or anything, they’re just sorta silly. And sure, there are some songs, especially on Let’s Go that do their topics justice – “Radio” “Salvation” “Harry Bridges” “St. Mary” “Motorcycle Ride” – and And Out Come the Wolves is a great album, more intent on telling stories than political polemicism, so it doesn’t really suffer. but basically, Rancid, your time has come and gone.

I don’t love you anymore. Operation Ivy is much older, and still more pertinent than most anything you’ve done.

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