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Midterm’s due in two days, still a lot of work to go. Really juiced first to be finally at some level of development in my project, even though I am hating this summer semester; and second to be Sacto / Bay bound hopefully wednesday night, but maybe thursday morning… we’ll see how it goes. still haven’t pulled an allnighter this summer, and that’s probably the reason I’m still behind… I work well in long stretches. BTW, if you haven’t noticed, my friends (prickle, kingmedicine, higherscience, et al) and I are fomenting a social revolution. I’m 30 pages into The Society of the Spectacle by Guy DeBord, and I can already tell that it is a precise outline of the things we are revolting against. It was written forty years ago as a warning against the society DeBord saw coming (he was completely right!) and it also seems to be the key to destroying it. Great stuff. Highly recommended reading for anyone who wants a cutting analysis of globalization, the re-emerging feudal system, and commodification and the society of by and as an image. READ IT! In other news… I got nothin’.

Oh yeah, we added Jimmy as the second guitarist to our as of yet unnamed band on saturday. He’s rocknroll, and will really class us up.

Don’t think of a monkey.

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