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american steel’s last show was indeed may 18th, and is indeed not june 18th. I missed it. read the press release, and they as a group of four guys who play music are not breaking up, they are just putting an end to american steel.

ruairi and ryan told anne marie and me that they’d gotten sick of the name already a couple years ago… so if nothing else, this is their opportunity to jettison at least that.

what’s my life been like lately you wonder? I know you don’t, but glad you asked… er somethin’…

thursday: frivolity, including sushi and nerf herder (and for free)

today: back to business, class and all, with frivolity at my roommate’s new place following. can I just say that you should all rent the Wet Hot American Summer dvd and go to the menu that has commentary and look for some other special surprises…

tomorrow: moving, moving, moving. sleeping at the old casa on by USC until tuesday, but all of my “wonderful” worldly posessions will be living with five people in a loft in downtown until then when I make it an even six.

geez, two years of my life sunk into this rathole, and two years of dirt tracked in, as well… I’ll definitely miss living with mark, sitting around watching bad HBO movies and football games (we’ll probably do that at his new place, but it sorta won’t be the same…) best damn roommate a guy could want. okay, moving to be done, going to beddddddd…….

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