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right now I’m dealing with

-the heaviness of the beauty of my northward travels. there’s gonna be many the limp wristed and effete demi-rant on this subject.
-the fact that intellectualism is bunk because it’s all about a product, and the point is to give people the least product for the most payoff (be it grades or money or whatever), so as to make the value of your ideas higher.
-my own forgetfulness, I had forgotten until a few minutes ago that I’m guest listed to see American Steel tonight.
-the fact that my really great friend Shay just showed uo in LA today, thus giving me triple competition for my time tonight: Him, American Steel, and class.
-the commodification of intellect (a subject I mentioned a minute ago) has got me thinking a lot, as well…
-some various feelings of general unease and longing for the state of washington.
-how sometimes the silly partisanship of Wash. DC can be really entertaining.
-longing for “things” I want
-wishing it was simpler
-denying and escaping things I don’t want
-the importance of the individual in education and how some places honor it fully, and how others wish to quash it.
-how I wound up at a place that wants to quash it.
-why it took me so long to get mad about this
-finally, my seeming addiction to triple vanilla lattes, and how bobo that makes me.

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