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Yeah, I haven’t updated in a few weeks, partially due to the fact that I have less access to my roommate’s computer these days, since he’s here more, and I’ve had trouble getting up anytime but just before class; and also due to the fact that until this weekend, I was waist deep in workaholism. So now I had my break, so back to work.
Mark’s gonna be a bartender. Goddammit, that’d be so cool. Instead I mix cancer and kidney damage causing chemicals in a darkroom. Good job? yes. Fun? yes. but you can’t serve color developer to some girl who just came in to make some prints. regardless of the fact that even a shot worth would fuck your kidneys royally, the stuff just doesn’t taste good. And he’ll be making more money, I’m sure.
Okay, a half semester, and there’ll only be a year until I’m out there and all that… Architecture will be cool. dammit, I should have been a rock star or drunken maniacal poet, I’m qualified for both, but no, I didn’t keep up my skills in either starring or mania. well, maybe I’ve got mania down still…
I’m tired, by the way, of everyone’s neverending dramas. people should just move on. And not get offended when I’m an asshole. it’s not like I didn’t warn you. It’s not like there’s not a long-standing pattern of behavior that would indicate that I would act in such ways. Okay, people have the right to get offended, but they should remember going into the whole situation that I really don’t mean any of the bad shit I say. I love you all dearly AND YOU KNOW THAT! So don’t get so pissed about having to deal with my bullshit when I have taken yours without complaint for so long. And let’s establish a new ground rule, no more storming off. it’s childish.
Okay, other than that I’m about to go to Target and get a new coffee-maker. And some razors, and I’m probably gonna stop at ralphs and get some food stuffs as well. I was finally up at a decent hour of the morning (8am), and god-dammit if I don’t feel like a million dollars. loveya, chitlins. Praise god and pass the bottle of beam.

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