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-some more Grolsch
-Margot Tenenbaum
-a little money wouldn’t hurt
-a girl with silver eyes
-a cause
-somewhere to fit in
-to stop dying
-some aspirin
-to be an R&B song
-a backrub would be cool, too
-something to resolve at new year’s
-a dirty, poorly lit place
-maybe some Joy Division and Op Ivy
-Ani to quit pretending
-a little reality. in a cup
-to quit leaving
-wings would be cool
-things without names
-thoughts without words
-a nice windbreaker
-the girl at the table over there
-a good inside joke
-a pet name
-a little more skin
-some good gossip
-Talking Heads on the radio
-for the stories to come true
-maybe a good fantasy
-all the stupid old shit
-something to feel besides the pain

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