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Imagination, that’s what we need
where are the girls with that elusive gift?
maybe there are some here in LA.
if you buy that, I’ve got a script
you might wanna take a look at.
I mean, where are the zine writers?
where are the girls
who spend saturday mornings
breaking into junkyards
for art supplies?
where are the girls who
wear combat boots so well
that they must have
invented the fucking things?
where are the girls whose photos
could make you cry for no reason?
where are the girls who look sexiest
holding a revolver?
or the girls who
like to get drunk and fight?
or the girls who
break things for fun?
or the ones whose favorite sound
is breaking glass?
the ones
who cry
every time
they hear
by the cranberries?
the ones who
were gay before college?
the ones who called a date
stealing a pack of cigarettes
and splitting it with you?
the ones who
understand the beauty
of a hay field?
the ones who didn’t understand
the beauty they posessed?
the ones who
created universes
with their imaginations?
remember imagination?
that’s how this started.
that’s why I’m here.
but I’m willing to give LA another chance.
so if you know what the fuck
I’m talking about,
come talk about it with me
and you might just change my mind.

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