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“Brian Wilson.”- to brian wilson is to take a respite from the horrors of this life by just simply lying in bed or sitting in your room, no music, no one else around, windows and blinds closed at fear of letting in any sunshine or fresh air, aka theoutsideworld. (note: probably my own best brian wilson was when I came home from studio, and proceeded to lie awake in my darkened living room for four hours. I didn’t feel like doing anything. going out, sleeping, eating, listening to music, talking, nothing. it was a nice break)

“Grover Cleveland”- On top of sharing a name with the worst place in the world, ol Grove was the only person in US history stupid enough to go back for a second helping of the presidency four years after his first term was over. This is like getting back together with an ex-. It’s sad, pitiful, stupid and silly. so to “Grover Cleveland” is to go back out with someone you shouldn’t have even gone out with in the first place.

“Hunter Thompson”- no one could ever do anything that would be on parallel with the absolute gall, insanity, brilliance and sheer mindlessness of anything circa 1971 Hunter Thompson. So this is really a useless definition. Y’see, the trick is that HST, against the laws of nature and what’s good and right in this world, has survived. So if you were that good, you’d be a celebrity and we could name this after you.

“Brian Jones”- Attempting to take a little nap in the pool after consuming massive quantities of alcohol, or something with an equal amount of precognized, yet somehow unrealized danger. Like dating some of the people I know.

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