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Hey, yall’s!
Another night where I have not a whole lot to say, and I should go to bed… so I’ll keep it short.

Jess: thanks for hanging out with me again tonight, it was tres fun. I was gonna quote some cool Screeching Weasel lyrics to you, but I can’t remember them well enough, and I can’t find any damn site that actually has them…

Well, everyone. Turns out I didn’t get the job in Indy, and I have A-single lead in Cincy. If I can nail down this one, I’ll be here until I find out exactly what’s going on out there in terms of a real job. Concurrent to that, I’m also gonna start calling Austin out there, and David (my boss at the photo lab), see if they need me, or know anyone that might. If it goes well with either of them, I would be joining you in the LA megalopolis shortly. my folks laid down the ultimatum that I’d have to have a job secured there for them to fund the trip back out. I agree with them that it’d be dumb for me to go where I’d have to pay rent and the cost of living is high just to sit on my ass all day. Instead of sitting on my ass all day here, which would be incredibly cheaper…

So if anyone knows of anywhere that needs a photo Labtech, AutoCAD technician/draftsman, etc; or assistant sound guy, send me in their direction. or if I could get on with a temp agency or something.

The bummer flipside of going back out would be that I’d not get to hang with you as long, Jess. At this point, it’s all up in the air; and I TOTALLY don’t know what’s going on with – or what I’m gonna do with – my life… and the anxious and uncomfortable wait continues.

Oh shit, almost forgot to ask, Erik – does the Annex need people, ’cause that’d probably be a start… I could work full time for a while. I know that it’d be impossible for me to get those kinds of hours, but if I could find that (even -no, probably – part time) and something else part time it’d suffice.

So that’s what’s going on with me right now. Wish things were more definite, but hey, that’s how they stand; so I might as well deal with it as is.


love y’all


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